Complete, Reliable Plumbing Solutions

Soneta Plumbing is a part of Bidel Group, a family owned company operating within Sydney providing the benchmark standard of plumbing service in every job that we do. We distinguish ourselves through the level of service which we provide when it comes to all aspects of plumbing

Our technicians are ahead of the curve in general with respect to plumbing services and supplies, and as a unit, we boast a wealth of experience in all domestic, commercial and domestic applications. We provide continuous support to all of our customers, Approach every job with equal weight of consideration, whether the job be a single unit or room, or a multistorey complex – we have built our success on a fine attention to detail.

We specialise in commercial and residential construction plumbing services, and have substantial experience assisting in the development of major projects in various areas, such as hydraulic works, heating and cooling systems, drainage and stormwater works, and much more. The quality and efficiency of the work that we perform on site is second to none, and through our quality of work we have expanded our network and consolidated our reputation as reliable, effective construction plumbing specialists.